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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in moraga where police had to issue a shelter in place order while they searched for gunman and they still haven't found him. >> reporter: nick smith live in the bay area newsroom. a bay area teen survives a grisly attack and tells us all about it. weather-wise, good news this morning, the clouds and drizzle not as prevalent as they were yesterday. they are increasing over the next couple of hours. a strong sea breeze will keep temperatures below average and a warming trend on the way. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in the traffic center. follow the tuesday morning commute. serious accident in greenbrae and stall at bay bridge toll plaza. >> new report, it's not high
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marks for california higher education. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> top story at 5:01. they are looking for a gunman that attempted to shoot a police officer possibly to protect a drug growing operation. >> they didn't find anything last night but they are not going to give up. as soon as the sun comes up, they will try again. it was a harrowing experience for an officer involved. he was out on routine patrol. not only was she shot last night. he had to be rescued and was extricated from the scene using the park district police vehicle. they searched the terrain by foot and helicopter until it got too dark last night. they say it is possible the person or people who fired at the officer were trying to
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protect a marijuana grow which they say is pretty common in this area. >> it's a heavy wilderness area. a lot of tree and grass land coverage. then a lot of natural springs where they'll get their water and set up their rural operations. last week we pulled a major grow out of a regional park in the san ramon-danville area where we recovered 3300 plants. we did an operation about 18 months here similar to that. >> this started about 6:40 last night. the officer was able to return fire. he doesn't know if he hit anyone. residents in south moraga were ordered to shelter in place. no one was ordered to evacuate. they were ordered to stay home. it's at the end of camino pablo. they don't know if they are looking for one person or more
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than one. they do know the person or persons are dangerous. a richmond teenager is home and describing how he used fancy footwork to survive a grizzly bear attack. >> 18-year-old was one of 17 that was in a course that came upon a grizzly bear cub. >> i was prepared for it. the grizzly bear that attacked him was enormous. >> easy, 8-9 feet, around 900 pounds. >> did he stand up? >> once. >> victor would be next. he took off running. >> it was terrifying but prayer helps. >> the grizzly closed the gap.
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he fell down and he begin mauling his feet but he landed one in the flurry of kicks. >> right in the middle. square in the middle of the face. >> the bear ran off. he was left with his survival training to help his friends. two were severely mauled. it was the 24th day after 30-day survival course and the instructors left them in the wilderness by themselves. >> i felt comfortable going out by myself. >> he returned to a fried chicken dinner at home whereas this past weekend, his skills was urban survival but this experience has transformed him. >> there is nothing i can't handle. >> reporter: even after being attacked. he helped to save the lives of two other teenagers in his group. none of the teens were armed.
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the teens were rescued hours later after activating an emergency locator beacon. experts say a grizzly bear can cover a span very short time. you can't outrun a bear. they suggest to play dead. east palo alto has had six murders this year they had four in all of last year. the police chief is asking for the public's help have the gang members. three gang members are likely rampage that spans three states. >> as long as they are out there clearly we can see the kind of violence and the kind of damage they can do in a short period of time.
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what we don't know if s whether they are not in palo alto or between here and colorado. >> it's a risk to all of us. they are just walking around and driving around in this community. >> he says the uptick in violence has prompted him to increase patrols the next month. >> two middle school boys were convicted of sexually assaulting two girls in redwood city. another defendant 12 wrrld could spend up to a year in juvenile hall. they admitted yesterday that they attacked the girls during a field trip in march. two other boys from john f. kennedy middle school are awaiting trial in. >> it's a california is no longer one of the top states in the nation for higher education. a new study warns the state colleges are average at best. community colleges as well as the uc and cal state systems. the report also warn there is
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significant performance gaps depending on where the school is and racial and ethnic enrollment the report was done by leadership policy. >> you have to work with the resources that that you have. i think there are ways we can better focus our attention with those resources to invest them differently in order to try to get the best outcome we get with the dollars that are available. >> the report blames what it calls a crisis on a lack of coordination across all of higher education. no state level planning and ineffective leadership. >> governor jerry brown has signed into law the california dream act. it makes undocumented students eligible for privately funded scholarships if they attended three years of high school in the state. a more controversial version to let them apply for publicly funded scholarships. president obama also reaffirmed his support for the federal dream act that would give legal
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status to undocumented students. >> they plan to close five electrical plants as part of an effort to reduce pollution. contra costa times reports two of the plants are in antioch, two more in pittsburg and the other is in bay point. one in tracy will pick up the load by closing the five other plants. employees may get offered jobs in tracy. public projects in santa clara county could face delays if a cement plant cannot meet the state order. they are giving hehigh southwest cement 30 days for a limestone mine. if the company does not comply, it will taken off of an approved list. >> we are in compliance with the law and we have been working diligently with the lead agency,
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santa clara county planning department, we have been working with them for several years and to their satisfaction. >> they say they are puzzled by the state's action. they supply half the cement for santa clara county projects. low clouds out there this morning. did you need to use your windshield wipers today? >> not at all. didn't see as much fog. >> the low clouds are not as widespread but the sea breeze is as strong this morning. more sunshine, it's going to be tempered by the cool air coming off the somebody later this afternoon. good morning to you. you see the cool air digging down along coast into california. that is going to keep us below average this afternoon. temperatures right now in the 50s just about everywhere. even a 59 in antioch. warmest weather, farthest inland places like concord, antioch, livermore, east bay valleys. farther north you get into the north bay valleys, santa rosa,
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ukiah, low to upper 80s there. a lot of upper 50s owning, richmond, low 50s around the coast and low to mid-50s into the south bay. clouds will be dominant around the monterey bay, watsonville, salinas in the mid to upper 50s. low to mid-80s morgan hill and gilroy. you want some warmer weather, take a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a few degrees warmer and a couple more thursday and friday and a couple more over the week, before you know it temperatures are above average away from the coast all the way through the weekend. >> we have an accident update. sue is here with the details. >> greenbrae, it looks like a wood debris as a result of an accident scattered across lanes at sir francis drake boulevard in the southbound direction. chp is reporting another stall at the bay bridge toll plaza
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right past the metering lights. they remain off at this hour. walnut creek, southbound 680. that is a smooth drive to highway 24 but road work sycamore valley road, slow. >> thanks so much. it's now 5:11. >> still ahead, a new improved healthier happy meal today. the changes mcdonald's has for your kids. >> scientists trying to get a wayward whale turned around in a northern california river. >> watch a teenager attacked a convenience store clerk with a stun gun. that is not the end of it. we'll show you what happens next.=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, topping america's money. according to census data. average net worth for a white household is $113,000. today the postal service is expected to release a list of 3600 offices that may close. they did this two years ago and only chose a handful for closing. in netflix is not adding subscribers as in the past.
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and mcdonald's is unveiling a slimmed down of happy meals today. it will get apples and fewer fries. hundred fewer calories appear on menus in september. that is america's money. starting today walmart is renting out and streaming movies online. world's largest retailer bought and launched the streaming service today. 20,000 titles can be viewed on almost any device. you can rent a movie for prices ranging from a dollar to 5.99 or they can purchase movies for 4.99 and up. >> the officials defending u.s. government networks against cyber attacks is quit. they are not commenting about his departure but it follows several high profile attacks such groups as anonymous.
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in it will. there was an attack. they thought it was retaliation. documents include information about their relations with many governments, including the u.s., australia, russia and rui crane. they have posted the documents on line. italy's police unit says they have been hacked but it doesn't admit any information was stolen. >> a gas station worker was able to fight back after a customer attacked her with a stun gun. check out the surveillance video. you can see the man wearing a white shirt reach over and shoot them in the back with a stun gun. they wind up pushing them out the store's front door. they get behind the counter and calls police.
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a little shaken up but physically fine. investigators are still looking for the suspect. >> back here, arnold schwarzenegger has amended his file for divorce. he will now agree to pay spousal support to maria shriver. some lawyers that i that is standard procedure. the couple does not have a prenup and expected to reach a settlement. shriver filed for divorce on july 1st is after it was revealed that he fathered a child with a long time housekeeper. they are concerned about two gray whales that wandered up the clam 5th river. the mother took a detour. they were on northward journey. they should be in alaska eating by now. they say scientists hope they find their own way out but concern grew after several weeks
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that the mother wasn't getting enough food. over the weekend, scientists and volunteers used boats to try to drive the calf downstream and to the ocean but mom is still in the river. turn your attention to mike and the weather. it's still cool. >> heat will come back and summer heat that some of you have been missing. nice strong sea breeze as the flags on pier 9. the bridge is hard to see the top of it. clouds continue to pour in the pay. they are making a late charge this morning and quicker exit except for the coast. that is where they will remain. talk about temperatures, 69 in antioch. rest of us in the mid to upper 50s with san francisco 55 along with san rafael. 58 and fremont, oakland and san jose. down around the monterey bay, thicker clouds and they have
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moved inland. temperatures in the low to upper 50s for you. highlights this forecast period, cool this afternoon. compared to average. coastal clouds while the rest of us see sunshine. that may than the last night we talk about widespread clouds and drizzle. more sunshine is on the way and that will help ramp up the temperatures for the weekend. 24-hour temperature change, santa rosa, fremont, san jose, one to two degrees warmer. oakland the same and concord about 2 degrees cooler. not in of of a change. as we talked about, there wouldn't be. even with the extra amount of sunshine. that sea breeze is going to be so strong today. here we are at 5:00. you see the clouds trying to making eastward and by noon back to the coast with pockets of sunshine will develop but not nearly as bright as was yesterday. 50s and 60s along coat. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. south bay, mid-70s. mid to upper 70s with san jose
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at the middle 76 degrees. 73 in menlo park and redwood city. a lot of low 70s until millbrae, 68 degrees. half moon bay, pacifica, daly city 59-61 degrees. mid-60s for downtown san francisco. near 60-degree temperatures in north bay beaches. upper 70s to low 80s in most of the north bay valleys. 70-degree temperatures around castro valley fremont and newark. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys with the highway 4 corridor, pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. low to mid-80s gilroy. not as much sunshine around the monterey bay, temperatures in mid-50s to around 70 degrees. partly cloudy tonight. 62 dropping down to 57 degrees. for tonight. clouds and drizzle possible again but mainly along the
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coast. all of us in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. slow warming trend, couple degrees window, two more thursday, friday and saturday, so that is six to eight degrees warmer by the weekend. good news. kudos to the towing crews. southbound 101, some sort of a wood pallet truck had wood all over the lanes and they have gotten out. good news in greenbrae. that is sir francis drake boulevard. you head over the waldo tunnel, a little misty there. down to two lanes. no problems on the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge is problem free, as well. tail late in the westbound direction, drive from hayward over to foster city., don't forget, check bay area traffic for all
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the latest. >> thanks so much. time is 5:21. >> next, there is no problems for the makers of the blackberry. how many jobs are being cut at the research in motion. >> and what we're learning now about biggest high-tech heist in bay area
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good morning, 5:24, live picture here from vollmer camera. cloud deck is low over the bay area. sun is going to rise. how quickly will things warm us for us today? we'll check in with mike and sue
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coming up. an inside job. that is the word about the biggest high-tech heist in bay area history. according to the san jose mercury news, two of the nine men arrested for stealing $37 million in computer chips last february actually worked for the company. next day they showed up for work at fremont company as if nothing had happened. they and seven other suspects will be in court. >> new cuts for makers of the blackberry. research in motion is headquartered in canada is laying off 2,000 workers globally. blackberry is struggling to come might with the android the government is using smart phone technology to help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress skin sin
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drop. pentagon and veterans administration are offering half a dozen applications that offer information about the disorder and advice on what to do about it. they have names like t 2 mood tracker and need to relax. they are not designed to replace treatment or make a diagnosis. >> next at 5:30, when will the niners and raiders return to work? >> some dangerous people are on the run near moraga. i'm amy hollyfield and the search will continue or resume this morning. i'll have the details on what they are wanted for up next. >> also next, a bear attacked survivors have a survivor's firsthand account of how he lived to talk about it. >> here is a look at the temperatures from the coolest 56 in seattle to the warmest, 102
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in dallas. good news, all major airports running on time this morning. if any delays develop our flight
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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in moraga where police will resume the search for dangerous people who are armed and fired at police officer. you'll hear a richmond man's account how he fought off a grizzly bear and helped other teens. >> weather-wise, clouds and breezes will keep temperatures below average today. summer is back in the forecast. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center.
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a flurry of activity early this morning. so far so good. we'll tell you when the niners and raiders go back to work now that the season pa s back on. >> sounds good. thank you so much for starting our day with us. >> after the sun rises which is no long now. they will comb a wooded area in moraca for people that shot volley of bullets at a police officer last night. >> the officer was up against very dangerous people. they were armed with semi-automatic assault weapons so they are very interested in finding these people. they will start searching for them as soon as the sun comes up and they can see. officer was on patrol in a rugged area of park land near moraga canyon. he routinely look for marijuana grows, it's common in this rural
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area and police say it is possible they were trying to protect a crop. >> our officer did return fire. at this time he is not hurt. we don't know how many suspects there are. we have more than one. we know that. the officer not only faced gunfire. then he had to be extricated by rugged terrain by police using an armored vehicle. they did issue a shelter in place in the south moraga area. no one was evacuated but they wanted everyone to stay in side. police were looking for the suspects. they are going to regroup again and decide what to do next. live in moraga, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. a richmond teen is back at home with quite a story to tell.
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he survived a grizzly bear attack in the alaska wilderness and managed to save two other teens. nick smith is live in the newsroom. >> he learned his lesson and he definitely has a story to tell. 18-year-old was one of 17 who were on the last leg of a 30-day back country education course when they came across a grizzly bear and her cub. he and his teammates were taking part in a wilderness survival program for urban youth. they were attacked by a grizzly who was with her cub. the grizzly pounced so ferociously they didn't have time to put out bear deterrent spray. he suffered bite wounds avoiding the charging bear. >> easy, eight to nine feet, 900 pounds. >> did it stand up?
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>> once. it was terrifying. but prayer helped. >> get this. even after being attacked, martin helped to save the lives of other teens in the group. none of the teens were armed. the teens were rescued hours later after activating an emergency locator beacon. experts say if you are attacked by a bear you should play dead because you are less of a threat if you can remember that. >> that is an important that, in if f you can remember that in the stress of ordeal. >> the men accused of attacking bryan stow are due back in court. luis sanchez and marvin norwood appeared in court. they denied the bail reduction request and ordered the pair remain in jail on half a million
5:34 am
dollars each bail. the men may have assaulted more giant ace fans on the same night they are accused of attacking stow. mother claims her son is innocent. >> everybody in the family was shocked totally shocked. >> in my heart i know he would not do it. >> stow remains in san francisco general hospital where nurses say he is becoming more responsive after another emergency brain operation last week. >> the mother of the premium in a confrontation with police has hired john burris. harding was running from cops following a routine fare check. police say he opened fire first and somehow shot unless the neck. the fatal bullet and police
5:35 am
bullet were from different caliber handguns. the mother says none of it makes sense. she says he was enrolling in college. >> he was waiting for the fall quarter for him to start school. he wanted his music career to get up and going. >> an independent investigations into his death is under way. burris is the same attorney hired by oscar grant. grant was shot back by a bart police officer back in 2009. >> the raiders and 49ers will head back to work this week after the players union approved a new ten-year labor deal ending the n.f.l. walkout. raiders start tomorrow and 49ers start on thursday. it's a slightly better revenue split but the players will make it up with an expected boost in revenues. it's been a long time coming. football is back and that is the great news for everybody.
5:36 am
even up to the last minute. it required both of us coming together to take stock of what is important and get the job done. i know that is going to be our relationship going forward. all the regular season games will take place as scheduled. teams now face the job of catching up on four months lost work by fighting free agents and taking care of other tasks in the next few weeks including indoctrinating those rookies. >> they got to do some catching up. let's catch up on the weather which this morning, a little drizzle free. >> what is why your playbook today? >> rest and relaxation -- you mean weather-wise? okay. talking about cooler weather. clouds are not nearly widespread as yesterday morning and drizzle not as much. no flight arrival delays into sfo right now so keep our fingers crossed that continues. we do see a surge of winds coming ashore right now.
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they are out of the west. 8 miles per hour at sfo, oakland the same. concord 14. look at san jose, mainly calm through the north bay valleys. you can see fairfield, southeast at 31. you know you have a strong sea breeze. we'll see more sunshine early this morning where the clouds are most prevalent it is warmer and that will taper because of the cloud cover. oakland, antioch, 3-12 degrees warmer. let's break it down. clouds mainly around the bay and in to the coastal areas and not much of a change in temperatures. by noon, clouds back to the coast keeping the coast and san francisco in the 50s, 61 in oakland. a lot of low to mid-70s in other neighborhoods. by 4:00, you can see the 80s developing in the east bay valleys with 70s in the north bay and 50s along the coast in to san francisco. with more sunshine, winds will keep our temperatures well below
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average. tomorrow we'll get closer and friday through monday, temperatures warmer than average away from the coast. if you are taking mass transit, here is sue with an update. >> good morning to take mass transit. no major stalls or accidents we're following this tuesday morning. we'll updated public transportation, ace train number one got off on time. no problems there. couple areas for drive time through marin county 37 toward 580, easy ride. central valley, 580 westbound from 205 toward the dublin interchange is moving at the limit. about 20 minute drive. southbound from the oakland maze to the hayward areas is at the limit. metering lights remain off this morning. thanks so much. it's 5:38. >> still ahead, obama versus boehner, they fight a war of
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back.
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the nation is one week away from the deadline for a potentially devastating debt crisis. in the meantime, democratic and republican plans to raise the government's borrowing ability as put congress into a standoff. president obama made a last ditch call for chrome but john boehner says negotiations with the white house have been futile. now, the latest. >> reporter: with less than one week until the government hits the credit limit, president obama scolded congress to get their act together. >> we can't allow the american people to become collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> he puts the blame on house republicans who are refusing to compromise. but minutes later, john boehner offered his rebuttal. >> the truth is the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is not going to happen. >> two plans emerged yesterday, one from house republicans that likely can't pass the senate and
5:43 am
one from democrats that likely won't pass the house. now their plan raises taxes but it would cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion. they would raise the debt ceiling through the spring of 2013. republicans would raise it until next spring. they warned the republican action would put the fight again in six months. >> analysts seem to agree with the president. even as washington can avoid washington can avoid a default a short term solution could lead to a downgrade to the credit rating. they forecast a 6% drop in the stock market. mortgaged rates would rise at least half a point, 640,000 jobs could be lost. >> reporter: president obama says they voted divided
5:44 am
government but not a dysfunctional government. >> we posted the presidents and speaker's speeches on our website. find them at washington funding battles have led to a partial shut down of federal aviation commission and they are fighting against airlines turning into the situation into a money making opportunity. ray lahood is talking with the nation's largest trade association to the airlines to stop raising fares and charging federal taxes. they expired last friday. because of the shut down, thousands of faa workers have been furloughed and hundreds of construction projects are on hold including some at the oakland and san jose airports. >> despite the warning from the president and congressional leaders, the u.s. will may not run out of money next week on the debt raising deadline.
5:45 am
also the giants finally get their day at the white house and president's comments about brian wilson brought down the house. >> plus, a bittersweet birthday at a movie house. which film was literally the last picture show. >> hear from a man that was attacked by killeryg
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welcome back. a look at live doppler. notice the storm moving farther away from california as high pressure taking over and making temperatures much warmer down to the south. let's talk about palm springs, 106. 84 in l.a. and 75 in san diego. low 90s around chico and sacramento. tahoe a comfortable 77. 86 in yosemite and look for clouds along the coast. a state. >> they have confirmed a man was attacked by bees. they were so-called killer bees. they have never been seen this far north until now. jack mcbride think he suffered as many as 60 bee stings before he ran to safety of nearby house. it happened when one of his
5:49 am
three dogs upset the colony of african bees when they were out for a walk. >> they were swarming all over me. i was just trying to cover up. i gritted my teeth and spitting them out. >> an expert at u.c. davis believe the bees were part of a commercial colony brought in to pollinate crops. san francisco lost a movie mecca last night. last film was harold and maude. the red vick will be absorbed by the next-door neighbor the olympic bar. nearly all neighborhood theaters have closed and the owner of the balboa says it may be next. >> san francisco giants return to the baseball diamond after a ghritd si detour to the white house.
5:50 am
president obama congratulated the world champions. willie mays was there along with players and coaches and front office staff. they presented him with a willie mccovey jersey and a bat. brian wilson wore a traditional suit. >> then there is the kind with the beard. where is he? [ applause ] >> i do fear. [ laughter ] >> the latest celebration for the giants. last november the club captured the first world series title in san francisco and franchise's first by beating the texas rangers. and your presence here relieves the first lady to be a fashion statement. >> no spandex there.
5:51 am
>> very string like, a tan color. maybe better for a couple days in the bay area. >> it is hot there. by the time they get back home from the road trip. sure. >> tell you what is going on. 5:51, look at a beautiful picture of the clouds cascading over the east bay hills this morning. what we're looking at is a push of some cool weather that will keep us below average once again today. let's take a look at those temperatures. antioch is now down to 65 degrees. while we have low 50s around santa rosa and rest of us in mid to upper 50s. check out the monterey bay, clouds are hanging around and temperatures in the mid-50s in salinas. a little clearer and cooler in gilroy, 50 degrees. a cool afternoon is in store. most of us is seeing sunshine, coast probably not as much as yesterday. cloudy tonight, patchy drizzle. you don't like that for the
5:52 am
morning commute, this may be the last night. high pressure comes in and brings more sunshine and that is what brings us the warmer weather for the weekend. compared to average, three degrees cooler in san francisco. napa and oakland 5. san jose 7. double-digits for redwood city and livermore, 10-11 degrees cooler. let's start in the east bay valleys where we find the warmest weather, 80 in dublin to brentwood around 87 degrees. over on the east bay shore, areas in the 70s. hercules, union city, newark, everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. mid to upper 70s down in the south bay. let's talk about campbell. 77 degrees for you. on the peninsula from san mateo southward low to mid-70s. note the thicker clouds in the coast. everybody else is around 60 to 61 degrees. mid 60s in downtown san francisco.
5:53 am
68 in sausalito and near 60 degrees at your beaches. upper 70s to low 80s in your valleys. 70 to santa cruz. 84 in gilroy. heading to the coliseum. a lot like last night, rays are in town, partially cloudy, dropping down to 57 degrees. we'll continue to drop to the mid-50s in most neighborhoods tonight. 60 in antioch. 49 in cloverdale. a little bit of drizzle is possible especially along the coast. here is the trough. it is starting to move a little bit to the north. that is why we'll see more sunshine inland but not until tomorrow and in to thursday does it really completely move away and stop having such an influence on our weather. warming trend take place. warmer weather with row to mid 90s and mid to upper 50s at the coast. have a great day. here is sue. let's can to san jose. in fact we will take a little
5:54 am
hop around the bay area. 280 southbound toward the 17 junction. those headlights are headed in the southbound direction out of cupertino. problem free this hour. san mateo bridge headed westbound direction, toll plaza, no problems there. your drive from hayward toward foster city. walnut creek this is toward the 24 junction toward walnut creek, just be aware of overnight road ro work. bay bridge, metering lights remain off and no problems. go to click on bay area traffic to get all your information before you leave the house this morning. thank you very much. it's 5:54. >> netflix customers. >> here is jane king. good morning, netflix forecasting angry customers will cut into profits. they think their growth is
5:55 am
falling dramatically. netflix stock is plunging on the news. borders books is closing. failure to agree on budget deal in washington and countdown continues what they say is an august 2nd make or break deadline. by the way, analysts say the u.s. may not run out of money on the 2nd. >> new study says whites are getting richer. they say wealth disparity in the united states is record high. median white net worth, 19 times greater than black bleams and 15 times greater than hispanics. if you are worried about rising prices, ten things that are getting cheaper. solar panels, kindles, in-ground
5:56 am
pools. in spite of all the complaints, netflix is getting cheaper. 7.99. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. hang on to those chinese collected i believes. an oklahoma man that held on to his, hit the jackpot on the antique road show. it's five carved horn tusks turned out to be worth as much as $1.5 million. the previous record was set in 2009 when a collection of chinese jade bulls turned out to be worth at least $1 million. >> what else is valued in china? papdas. it's pandemonium. they are one of the oldest female pandas gave birth to a female cub. the mother is 19 years old an
5:57 am
incredible age considering their life span is only 25 years. newborn raises 5.6 ounces. mom and baby are doing well. it's amazing to me how they come out so little and they grow and they grow. >> yes, they do. >> just ahead, a grocery chain that is now go head to head with bay area group. >> incredible scene that police now say is all part of a misunderstanding. >> from? east bay residents were told told to shelter in place. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll tell you where it all went down coming up. @a=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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